The Art of a Group Golf Trip // The BDC

as told by Luke Davis

Nothing beats a solid group golf trip.  A few things come close (like driving cross-country in a van), but let’s stay on track.

When creating such a shin dig, you need not look further than the example of “The BDC,” an annual trek of 24 golfers to Bandon Dunes.  The trip takes place in the heart of December, where rain + cold conditions are likely and prepped for.

You may have heard of The BDC’s creator, Matt Lemman, aka “@lemms_life.”  When not running Jones Golf Bags, Matt is likely getting a fresh haircut or kicking it with his lil guy, Leo.  

In his own words about how The BDC came to be:

“I started it 4 years ago.  I wanted to do a Ryder Cup style tournament with my homies because I’ve always loved team golf.  It’s just a bunch of us having a good time, making fun of each other, drinking brews, playing competitive golf.  And if your team doesn’t come out on top, the losing captain has to pass off his captaincy to someone who is deserving of it.”


About a month out, GHINs are locked and the field is drafted by two captains into their respective 12 person teams.  This year, Brent McKee was the elected captain to take on the 3 time and only champion Matt Lemman (yes, the creator is undefeated as captain in his own tournament).

The format is competitive in nature; matches are spread over three days, rotating courses.  Trash talking email threads and team group messages precede competition.  

It was a beatdown last year (Lemman 16, Gillet 9).
The 2016 winners received custom 18x24 prints.

Heading into December, the 10 day forecast showed sunny skies + 50 degree temps.  It had to be a typo, I thought, maybe my phone was stuck on Raleigh’s location.  Last year, we battled through a snow storm to get to Bandon for The BDC 2016.

Not a minute later, my phone lit up with a photo in our team group message.  It was a screenshot of the weather forecast and a bunch of $ and 100 emoji’s.  

I felt a rush of adrenaline shoot through my body — it was that same feeling you get when there’s fresh powder falling at the mountain or optimal surf conditions.  We were going to Bandon Dunes in December and rocking shorts.  Let’s goooo.  Below is what was in store.


Round 1: Bandon Preserve @ 12:15 pm  (2 man gross scramble match play, 1 pt per match)
Dinner: Pacific Grill @ 5:30 pm
Glow ball: 7 pm (winning team 1 pt)
Bunker Bar: TBD – TBD


Round 2: Old Mac @ 10:30 am (2 man net best ball match play, 1 pt per match)
Glow Ball: 5:30 pm (winningn team 1 pt)
Dinner: Trails End @ 7 pm
Bunker Bar / Poker: TBD – TBD


Final Round: Bandon Trails @ 10:30 am (net singles match play, 1 pt per match)
Dinner: The Gallery @ 6:30 pm
Bunker Bar (send-off):  TBD – do we have to go home

Waking up before dawn on Thursday, my buddy Will and I started the drive to the Oregon coast from Portland.  The drive brought me back to “Portland to Pebble” when I had biked along the same route — it was surreal seeing familiar sites zooming by at much faster speeds. 

We made a wrong turn, received an Oregon PSA, and got a birdie (turd) on the windshield.

After 4 hours on the road rotating between trap music + work calls, we finally made it to the promise land, Bandon Dunes.  The rest of the crew was arriving or already there warming up for our first matches — a 2 man scramble at Bandon Preserve.

Before teeing off, Matt huddled everyone up for opening remarks and presented the MVP trophy to last years legend, “Ty Nelly.”

Opening Ceremony
2016 MVP, "Ty Nelly"

Alas, The 2017 BDC was here.  This is how it went down:

Instagram worthy.
Yep, that's the stick.
Phil was happy because: a) 60's at Bandon. b) he found the turn house below. c) both a + b.
Pin seeking.
Scoring conditions.
Glow Ball - Night 1. Points are awarded based on proximity to hole. Team McKee prevailed and won the point.
Day 2 - Old Mac // 2 Man Best Ball matches.
Carry on.
Links + drinks remnants.
Dormie problems.
Waiting on 18 for everyone to finish up Day 2.
Dusk came early. Which meant, Glow Ball, round 2.
Things got hazy for a second.
Golf trip essentials: "Fireside chats"
Final Day // groggy Singles matches at Bandon Trails.
Product testing: Jones Golf Bags x L+L
The final hole of the 2017 BDC.

When all the dust settled, Team Lemman came out on top, again.  Unfortunately, I was on the losing end of this year (we tried valiantly, Team McKee).

One thing was won for all, however — the bonds formed on this trip and trips like The BDC.  Golf has a powerful way of connecting people.  

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?  That is the art of a group golf trip:  forging friendships, making memories, sending a white ball hurtling and getting away from the day to day grind. 

LIE + LOFT was started to celebrate the feeling of home and how it relates to golf.  There is no better example of feeling at home than with the crew at The BDC and playing golf at a place like Bandon Dunes.  

I’m already counting down to next year, homies.


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