as told by Maddi MacClurg

I recently took a break from the cold weather in Raleigh to visit the sunny city of Orlando, FL. Lie + Loft had a booth at the 2018 PGA Show, the biggest golf trade show in the world, and I was lucky enough to check it out.

Every year, hundreds of golf companies gather at the Orlando Convention Center to show off the best golf products their brand has to offer and thousands of golf enthusiasts come to look and test out these products. I’ve personally never been prior to this trip — and nothing could have prepared me for the show’s enormity except seeing it for myself.

On January 22nd at 5AM, the L + L crew piled into the car and took a ten-hour cruise down Interstate 95. Andy and Luke were the true “Long Drive Champs” as they manned the steering wheel while I snacked and snoozed in the back.

My excitement built as we passed the multitude of billboards leading up to exit 1A, South of the Border, which has been a marking point for trips taken across the Carolina border since I was a kid. From family vacations to college golf trips, the giant yellow sombrero signified the start of an adventure.

We arrived at the Orlando Convention Center, stiff legged and tired from the drive, and got right to work. We unloaded everything from our car, heading right to the hardware store. I watched as Luke and Andy took lumber and boards from Home Depot and transformed the empty enclosure into an embodiment of our space in Raleigh.

Bare Bones // A look at the space we started with.
Drill Work // Luke and Andy build the stud walls that will be the backbone of our booth.
Alignment is Everything // Like a player and his caddie, the guys talk placement for the Lie + Loft sign.
Slight Adjustments // Putting the finishing touches on Booth 4357 to get it PGA Show ready.

When we finished decorating, our Loft replica oozed vintage golf vibes. Filled with various knick-knacks we had collected, to prints and photos from our past adventures, everything in our booth had its own story that told onlookers what Lie + Loft is about.

Finishing Pose // Booth 4357, polished and PGA Show Ready.

That “golf is home” feeling extended past our 10×10 square. Andy and Luke printed and installed artwork in walnut rails for Asher + True Linkswear’s booths. It was awesome to see open collaboration between like minded golf brands.

Asher Golf Booth
True Linkswear Booth

Over the course of those next three days Lie + Loft called booth 4357 home. The convention center was buzzing with life, and so was our space.

There was a constant flow of people coming in and out of our booth. It was exciting to hear that people recognized Lie + Loft from Instagram, the Portland to Pebble trip that was featured on the Golf Channel, and the many golf shops that carry our prints. 

One of my favorite elements of the show was meeting people who had previously found Lie + Loft and related to the brand. There were people from all around the globe who came by the booth to share their own golf adventures, some inspired by trips and stories we had shared, wanting to meet the people behind those double L’s that they felt so connected to.

Talking with people from different golf courses and brands who share the same passion for the game of golf was incredible. I even got to meet Matt Ginella when he interviewed Luke about Lie + Loft on Golf Channel.  

It felt good to be a part of something people genuinely liked and believed in.

Ready for our close up // Getting the booth camera ready.
Lie + Loft on Golf Channel

Before I knew it, it was Friday and we were breaking down our boot-strapped booth.

As we packed everything into our car and geared up for another ten-hour drive I reflected on my week. The overall purpose of the PGA Show is to connect people through golf and that’s exactly what happened during my time there. I was able to reconnect with old coaches, competitors, teammates, and forge new friendships with golf homies from all over the world. 

For a few days, the PGA Show made golf home, and we brought the feeling of home to golf.


It was an amazing experience. I’m already counting down the days to next year.


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