Pollen has been around for over 300 million years.  Yowzas, that is a long time to think about. 

Which got us to imagining, did dinosaurs have springtime allergies?  Did pollen wreak havoc on Brontosaurus? How would the mighty T-Rex cover its sneezes?  Into their elbow crevice just doesn’t seem physically possible.

A little off topic. 

But yes, pollen is in the air, which means winter is behind us.  In the southeast, it was a cold + rainy one; flooding experienced by many.  

Golf course conditions are bouncing back from dormant hibernation; plants blooming + spreading their seeds, birdies chirping, the occasional eagle flying in the air.

This past Friday, we brushed the yellow powder off the car and hit the road west; it was a winding, curving, scenic route over the mountains of North Carolina and down through the valleys of Tennessee. 

The golf gathering was “The Riinger,” the second event hosted by Zac Blair at Sweetens Cove.  We played at The Ringer last October and couldn’t wait to come back.  It’s a culmination of good times, golf, connections, and support for Zac’s vision, The Buck Club.   

The venue, Sweetens Cove Golf Club, is incredible as well — we’re blown away every time on property and it’s due to  the hard work + hospitality of Rob Collins, Brent Roberson, Nash Pater, among many others to make it a special place.  Sweetens is one of our favorite homes away from home.

In true springtime fashion, we soaked it all in + took some shots.  Estimated scroll time for this L+L Log: 2-10 minutes.


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